Muscular Trunks

A year ago I took a class at North Seattle Community College on landscape photography. Our first outing was to Bellevue Botanical Garden, where like everyone, I took a hodgepodge of photos of whatever caught my eye as being interesting or pretty. Recently, I went back with a few die-hards from that class who are still getting out and shooting together monthly. This time, I wanted to go more in-depth on something, to try to put together a small body of work that went together. I ended up spending all my time photographing the base of one, small, multi-trunk tree. I picked four to show here that more or less go together. The one above I think works the best. I really like the way the black-and-white conversion makes the trunks look like metal. I wasn’t expecting that.

I like this one a lot, but it has a technical flaw: the bottom trunk isn’t quite sharp. I wish I’d noticed at the time, because I could have adjusted the focal plane or stopped down a little more, or even shot another at a shallower focus to blend with this one. Live and learn, I hope.

This is the edgiest. I didn’t realize just how suggestive it is at the time (it’s even worse if you imagine tipping it over onto its left side, i.e. tilt your head to the right). Does the fact that it makes me uncomfortable give it artistic merit? I’d say so only if that’s what I intend, and it isn’t.

I think this is the least interesting of the four. It has a bold, simple composition, but I don’t find that enough to hold me. So, what do you think, oh reader? Do they hang together? Do you agree with my assessments?


One response

  1. Great textures! They all look a little suggestive to me, but maybe you can just write it off as “the exuberance of nature”!

    November 1, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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