Not Good Goose Habitat

As I was walking past this defunct-looking light-industrial space, I saw, through the chain-link fence, four Canada Geese walking out from behind one of the buildings. I quickly set up my tripod and waited for them to form an interesting composition. They stopped and looked at me, then walk on. I had to keep shifting the tripod to avoid weeds growing in the fence. The geese apparently had enough of me, or maybe of something else, because they suddenly started running and taking off. I wasn’t really ready, but I hit the shutter anyway in the hopes of getting something. With a little cropping, I think it isn’t half bad, though it’d probably be better if I were panning with the geese.


One response

  1. Chris

    Nice! i especially like the hint of chain link fence!

    September 14, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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