Queen of the (World / Diablo Lake Overlook)

So, did I catch the decisive moment here, or did I just miss it? It was only after I zoomed in on this image at home that I saw that they’re chimping the shots they just took. Would it be a better photo if I’d got them photographing, or is it more ironically cool and postmodern and all that the way it is? (If you’re wondering, this is the Highway 20 overlook above Diablo Lake in North Cascades National Park, just east of Colonial Creek.)


One response

  1. Chris

    I notice now that more and more of my pictures have someone taking a picture included. I esp. like it if you can clearly see the the object/person being photographed on their screen. See the 6th picture: http://homecake.blogspot.com/2012/06/king-tut-exhibit-in-seattle.html

    Photos of an event/object with a bunch of people imaging it on their cell phones is so today. I wonder if in 20 years we just won’t go around with video cameras permanently strapped to our heads…

    I think chimping might be even more ironic, though it might tend to look like they are just checking their email. The only reason you can tell that they are chimping in your photo is because they are leaning out to get a better view. You don’t check email while leaning over a cliff! (Come to think of it, if they are using cell phones or compact, they might be photographing.)

    October 5, 2012 at 3:36 pm

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