Powerlines Near and Far

I hope you all aren’t getting tired of electrical-tower photos, but if you are, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait until I get tired of posting them. I like this one in part because of something mentioned in a (rare) comment on my last post, namely that these things look good in black and white. I was really pleased when I started doing the conversions with how well they turned out. In this photo, I think it’s cool how the foreground tower is dark while the background towers and lines are silver-white. It’s the same lighting on the same shapes made of the same kind of metal, and it’s pretty much the same angle of view, though I am looking up at the near wires and down on the far ones. Seems like the mist must have something to do with it, though it’s hard to see how.


One response

  1. Chris

    Wow, you are right, why do have such different intensities? What do the colors look like in the original?

    October 22, 2012 at 8:18 pm

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