15th Ave Bridge, Ravenna Park


Northeast Seattle’s Ravenna Park is often called a hidden gem, and for good reason. It surrounds a ravine that is easy not to notice. I remember when I first came upon the edge of it and looked in, a steep slope thick with leafy trees, and wondered why I hadn’t heard of it before. It used to have such extraordinarily big trees that it was famous. Teddy Roosevelt once visited. But through some combination of corruption and incompetence, the trees were all felled. It’s still a lovely place, though, and people are making efforts to root out the invasives and restore a more natural flora. Maybe in a few hundred years it’ll be something like it was, though that will take constant vigilance.

I have photographed here many times over the years, and when I got cabin fever and really needed to get out of the house despite the rain, it was a natural place to go. This is one of two handsome bridges that span the ravine, and I photographed it mostly because I thought it would make a nice range of tones in black and white (and because it kept me out of the rain).


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