I love that name. Liquidambar, also know as Sweetgum, has star-shaped leaves and lovely fall color. It’s a fairly common street tree in Seattle. This photo is an old favorite of mine, from fall 2009. The dramatic lighting and the leaves, especially the heavily shadowed ones on the right, remind me of those old over-the-top landscape paintings, with lots of detailed, wild-looking vegetation growing around old ruins. It has received mixed reviews. I showed it when I visited a local camera club that I was thinking of joining. Their reaction was basically, “we don’t get it.” I mistrusted my own judgement about it for a while after that, but now I like it again. Maybe I’m deluding myself, or maybe people just have different tastes.


One response

  1. I get it: Seattle atmospheric, shadow and light, stillness, peace.

    February 25, 2013 at 3:46 am

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