Rainier Avenue S, Feb 22 2014, 11:33 AM


Mostly Old Man’s Beard, also known as Wild Clematis.


Rainier Avenue S, Feb 22 2014, 9:35 AM


Back on the beat looking for Seattle’s “best” roadside weed-covered trees. (Click for big.)



Life has intruded on photography of late, so I’ve missed a couple of my usual posting days. Here’s one from a ways back that I like, from a very productive afternoon photographing the Bonneville Power Administration lines over Stampede Pass.

Lake City Way, Feb 01 2014, 11:55 AM


Hope you’re not getting tired of weed photos, because I’m not. The “place and time” title of this photo is an experiment. I’m thinking of calling this project “Invasion” and giving all the photos titles like this to add a sense of immediacy and movement that we don’t normally associate with plants.



Trees along the downhill side of Dexter Avenue draped with invasive clematis. (Spookiness assisted by negative clarity in Lightroom.)

Even Moodier


I’m liking the direction this project is going.

Crowding the Road


Trees overgrown with various invasives loom over Westlake Avenue along Seattle’s Lake Union.

Scraggly Tree


A willow (probably) near the north end of Seattle’s Fremont Bridge, surrounded by invasive Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy. I just love this kind of thing…

Vanishing Point


I thought this looked cool straight, but I like it even better tilted.

Amgen Helical Bridge


Amgen, a big biotech company, is on the Seattle waterfront, across many railroad tracks from a main road. They had a pedestrian bridge built over the tracks, and in reference to their line of work, they made it look a bit like a big strand of DNA on its side. The “Helical Bridge” isn’t really a helix. It’s actually three leaning, overlapping tubular arches that support the walkway, but the rhythm of the structures does have a helical vibe. Here, of course, I don’t show much of the bridge itself, so you’ll just have to imagine (or google) it.