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Rain on Pinto Mountain


Back from a camping trip in the northeastern part of the Black Rock Desert, which is in northwest Nevada. Burning Man is held in the southern part of the Black Rock Desert, which is more barren and a long way away from where we were. I used to wonder how people got photographs like this. Now I know: you just have to be there when it’s doing stuff like this. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.


Cathedral Rock

Dorothy and I spent last week on a volunteer trail crew with the Washington Trails Association, renovating part of the Pacific Crest Trail that we hiked last September. Or at least, that was the plan. We did get two good days of work done, but then a small, nearby forest fire started to look threatening, and we had to hike out. Disappointing, especially as we never saw any signs of it. We’re only the second WTA crew ever to be chased out by a fire.

But while we were there I did have a little time for photography, and this is my current favorite. Cathedral Rock is a landmark on this part of the PCT, which climbs over the ridge from which it sprouts. This view is from near our camp at Deep Lake. Doesn’t look like forest-fire weather, does it? It had rained and even snowed a little earlier. But the next morning, out we went. I spent the rest of the week occasionally thinking, why am I down here in Seattle? I should be up there at Deep Lake.