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Black Rock Desert Wilderness


Looking west across the northern end of the Black Rock Desert, Pinto Mountain the slightly darker shape on the left. All that flat, empty space is the Black Rock Desert Wilderness. I read that there’s a small, very occasional river down the middle of it that can be kayaked if you’re lucky enough to have water. You end up on the bare playa to the south and have to carry your boat out. I’m standing at the base of the Jackson Creek Mountains, also a designated wilderness area, which are much craggier and more impressive looking than anything you can see in this photo. We saw no one else in the couple of days we were here despite being camped right next to the (gravel) road. Maybe the cold wind kept people away.


Two Lines


For those who are not powerline geeks, a “line” is typically three wires that travel together. These two pass overhead as they descend from Stevens Pass, carrying power from a dam on the Columbia River. There’s probably enough juice in each of them to power a small city.

Stumps and Approaching Storm


“Hey cool, we have some Ansel Adams clouds!”

Followed not too much later by heavy rain…