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Joshua Tree Shadow


One from last spring.


Rock Climber Jumping, Joshua Tree National Park


Digging through my files from 2013, I ran across this one from my trip to Joshua Tree N.P. with my mother last spring.

He made it, by the way.

Granite, Joshua Tree National Park


Or, according to Wikipedia, quartz monzonite. When confronted with a print of this, people tend to be unsure as to which way is up. Unless you have your monitor on its side, this way is up.

Desert Hills


Apologies if this isn’t your cup of tea, but I really like bare boulder-y desert hills like these, on the northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park. Would I want to live in one of those neighborhoods? I suppose not — too hot, too much sun — but what a back yard to wander into!

How Many Photographers Have Stood Here?


Seriously. It’s an irresistible framing, and this building is right by a well-used trail. Nonetheless, despite not being close to original, it’s still cool. (Joshua Tree National Park, if you were wondering.)

Rock and Shadow


This is one of my favorites from my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Not because it’s original, goodness no. It’s possibly the most classic West-coast-school black-and-white photo I’ve ever made. Does that diminish its worth? I think that’s a really interesting question, and I don’t have a definitive answer. I do think that being similar to other photos makes it harder to appreciate, simply because when we recognize something as an instance of a category we tend to stop looking further. One might also argue that photographing within an established tradition is lazy, that one just has to follow the path established by our predecessors. Perhaps, but it is also true that I made some 450 photos in the five days I was there, surrounded by rocks in sun, and this, made on my last day, is the only one that I think really works as a simple study of sunlight and shadow on rock.

Joshua Tree


Another from Joshua Tree National Park. It tickles my funny bone.

Old Man Boulder


Back from visiting Joshua Tree National Park with my mom, who paints watercolors of the extraordinary rocks there. I first visited the park on a high school camping trip. We arrived after dark, and when I woke up the next morning I felt like I’d been transported to another planet.

I just made up the name for this rock, by the way. These rocks have no official names, and in fact they do not even stand out among their endless cousins.