Another Streetlight Tree!

You all are getting bored of Utah scenics, I can tell. What you really come to this blog for is trees under streetlights, am I right? Well, I’m here to please, so here’s another one, fresh from last night, in color even.

The season for starkly lighted bare branches is pretty much over here in Seattle. Now it’s the time for moody lighting on masses of green leaves. This beauty is half a block and across a street from my house. It caught my eye when I was coming home, and I came back to photograph it. Night trees can be hard, particularly when they have leaves, because the air has to be very still for me to pull off the required long exposures. It wasn’t quite still enough then, but only a few branches are only a little blurred, possibly not even visible at this size.


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  1. mechagrue


    April 17, 2012 at 1:14 am

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